Working Equitation

At Barron Barn, we work with riders and horses of varying levels to train in working equitation. This provides riders the opportunity to unite in tradition, sportsmanship, and animal welfare. Riders use precise horsemanship to display and test their harmony, maneuverability and cattle handling skills.


Jill is a very accomplished Working Equitation competitor, coach, trainer and judge. Her program is built upon a blend of classical principles and natural Horsemanship. She has a keen eye for detail and makes learning fun. Her accomplishments include:

  • Canada’s First WE ‘r’ Judge & TD (USA)

  • 2018-2019 Mane Event Expo Clinician (Alberta & British Columbia)

  • 2018 Andalusian World Cup Top 10 L5 Open (Las Vegas)

  • 2018 North American 2018 Clinics & Judging (Texas, Kansas, Quebec, Vancouver Island, Colorado, Sask, Alberta, Oklahoma)

  • 2017 Haras Cup L4 Open Champion (Texas)

  • 2017 Fiesta of the Spanish Horse L6 Open Reserve Champion (California)

  • 2017 International Champion L6 Open

  • 2017 International Champion L4 Open

  • 2017 Working Equitation Canada National Director

  • 2017 Confederation for Working Equitation (USA) International Director

  • 2016 WE Show L3 Open Champion & Reserve Champion (Washington)

  • 2016 International L3 Open Reserve Champion

  • 2015 Pin Oak Horse Show WE 4th (Texas)

Are you interested in improving your horsemanship skills? Register for one of our sessions or clinics:


Working Equitation Introductory Clinics


Barron Barn’s working equitation introductory clinics provide riders and horses with the fundamentals. Enjoy learning with other riders at various experience levels and build friendships to last!

Please note: All clinics and sessions must be pre-paid via cheque or e-transfer. Cancellations happen, but there is a fee when you cancel with less than 24 hours' notice.


Classroom Sessions


These classroom sessions allow riders to be introduced to working equitation in a fun setting. Enjoy learning with other riders, as we watch a video, explore the rule book, cover judging tips and have an interactive question and answer period.


Obstacle Sessions


Obstacle sessions help you improve the fundamentals of navigating obstacles with your horse. These sessions are a discipline open to all horse breeds and have two phases that include obstacles. There are nineteen obstacles each rider will encounter in training and events. These practical obstacles are designed to prepare your horse for field work.​




Jill Barron provides clinics based at her ranch in Turner Valley, Alberta; as well, she is available to travel anywhere in the world to provide personalized clinics. If you're interested in booking a clinic in your area, please click the button below.​

2019 Clinics:

Feb 22 - 23 Calgary, Alberta
Mar 9 - 10 Calgary, Alberta
Mar 16 - 17 Abbotsford, British Columbia
Mar 23 - 24 Madden, Alberta
Mar 30 - 31 Taylor, Texas
April 4 - 7 San Diego, California
Apr 13 Calgary, Alberta
Apr 26 - 28 Red Deer, Alberta
May 4 - 5 Edmonton, Alberta (show)
May 11 Calgary, Alberta
May 18 - 20 Vancouver Island, British Columbia
May 25 - 26 Saint-Henri-de-Lévis, Quebec
June 15 - 16 Edmonton, Alberta
June 22 - 24 Denver, Colorado
June 29 - 30 Cochrane, Alberta (show)
July 5 - 14 Calgary Stampede
July 16 - 18 Summer Camp
July 23 - 25 Summer Camp
July 30 - Aug 1 Summer Camp
August 12 - 18 Cross Nation Cup, High River, Alberta
August 20 - 22 Summer Camp
September 7 - 8 Olds, Alberta (show)
September 18 - 21 Andalusian World Cup Las Vegas, Nevada (show)
September 28 - 29 Saint-Henri-de-Lévis, Quebec
October 5 - 6 Calgary, Alberta
October 19 - 20 Abbotsford, British Columbia

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